A different kind of bakery. A different kind of delicious!

Here at Honeypie Bakery, we are committed to providing unique, interesting food with classic influence and modern twists. We are a scratch bakery, and make everything from the gorund up because we want you to taste our passion for baking in our food. 

We use minimally processed ingredients and, whenever possible, avoid artificial flavors and colors. We use fresh, natural ingredients and use local ingredients whenever possible. We are proud of what we do, and believe in everything that comes out of our kitchen!

We are crafty ladies who enjoy coming up with new ideas, whether that be flavor combinations, decoration, packaging, or whatever. You can just about guarantee that if we have both been watching the Food Network, there will be a meet up over a bottle of wine for some foodie talk, cackling laughter, and brainstorming!

We get inspiration from all around us. We are often inspired by retro culture such as the “golden era” of the 1950’s. We get inspiration from people, books, weather, tattoos, a new drink at our favorite restaurant, the grocery store, or sometimes we just pick up a cookbook to get inspired. We don’t just bake. We put our hearts into whatever we are making. We both have an intense passion for food craft and we use food as our medium for play.

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