Kelly Reily and Mary Ann Locke are the two chefs involved in this project, and we have known each other for around twenty years. We went to high school together, then lost contact for a little while but reconnected and have been fast friends since. We both have a passion for cooking and a similar background in the restaurant industry (primarily fine dining experience) and we know what quality looks, smells, and tastes like. We believe that FOOD SHOULD BE MADE OF FOOD! Though we have taken a sabbatical from the industry, the fire has been burning to open our own place for over five years.

Kelly says: “I began cooking with my mother before I was tall enough to see over the counter top, and baked my first cake by myself at age 8. I began developing my own recipes around age 10, when I was making a mud pie with my sister and I figured out I could eat it if I didn’t put mud in it! I took my first cake decorating class when I was 12. I have always enjoyed food art. I have no other artistic skills though I’m pretty darned crafty. Food is what brings people together. Every event in life (wedding, funeral, party, social gathering, casual meet up) seems to revolve around food, and that’s how I nurture and nourish the people I care about. My fondest childhood memories were formed over weekly family dinners, cooking with my mother and grandmothers, and potluck style holidays with 30-40 people sitting around enjoying lunch and good company.

“I entered the restaurant industry when I was 21, and worked in every aspect of the industry. I have waited tables, bartended, run every station in the kitchen, worked as a pastry chef, worked in outside sales, and even managed both kitchen and front of the house. I was the pastry chef for a busy private club in my most recent restaurant job, and I made desserts, breads, and special components for other menu items to feed up to 600 people per day during the holiday season. I have been involved in the opening of at least six different restaurants and have experience managing a variety of types of businesses. I have ended up in management in nearly every long-term job I’ve had, and I’ve owned or partnered in five business ventures. In 2010, I earned a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a double minor in Entrepreneurship and Marketing. Tired of running businesses that I don’t have the passion for, I set my sights on a bakery that I can put my name and my personal creative touch on.”

Mary Ann says: “I am a self-taught cook and baker; I’ve loved baking since the day I learned where cookies come from. I was the primary caretaker for my younger brother growing up because my mom worked irregular shifts a lot of the time, so I learned to cook early and dedicated myself to doing it well. I’ve got a bit of native American blood and learned some very traditional techniques for foods like fry bread and tamales. I’ve enjoyed being involved with the local Pow Wows over the years; once, man at a Pow Wow bought some of my fry bread and called his wife over to say ‘I’ve found us a second wife. Taste this fry bread! And look at her, she looks like she can lift stuff!’ While this was a perfectly acceptable practice in the old Cheyenne culture, his wife was not amused. But she did enjoy her fry bread!

“My passion for cooking translated well into the restaurant industry. I got my first restaurant job at 16 and pestered someone into letting me into the kitchen to cook at 18. As a vegetarian for 17 years, I have a unique approach to cooking and even cooked in a vegetarian restaurant in Atlanta. Over the years, I’ve been everything from a puppeteer to a carnival barker to a sci-fi slush reader to the assistant manager of a bookstore, but I always seem to come back to the kitchen. I love to combine familiar, comforting flavors in unexpected ways and I’m strongly committed to the idea of fresh, interesting food made from identifiable ingredients. Food should be made from food, not mysterious chemical compounds. Honeypie Bakery is my dream job.”

Between us, we have around 35 years’ experience in the restaurant industry and have worked for many of the best restaurants and with some of the best chefs in the South East. We offer a variety of treats, including pies, cakes, cupcakes, pastries, muffins, cookies, bread and rolls, brownies, and much more. We have been operating from a home-based kitchen but we are ready to grow and expand!

Look What We Made...!
A Chocolate Cake with Chili Raspberry Rhubarb Filling and Fire Fudge Frosting - Welcome Home for an EOD SpecialistA Lemon Cake with Frosted Fruits and RosesChocolate Cinnamon Cake with Chocolate Swiss Buttercream and Espresso White Modeling ChocolateA Wedding Cake - Nontraditional at best, but a lot of fun to make!Lemon Raspberry CakeBecause Lasso of Truth, That's Why!Librapalooza 2013 - Maple Bacon, Peanut Butter S'mores, Raspberry Peach Melba, and Vanilla Chai. Yum!Librapalooza 2013 - If they are works of art, shouldn't they be artistic?Shannon Got A Cupcake Assortment For Her Birthday Just Before 12/20/2012- Mayan Chocopalyps, Asian Orange, and End of Days. See a theme yet?Apparently they were delicious... Five Spice Orange with Candied Ginger, Chipotle Chocolate with Fudge, Bacon, and Candied Jalapenos and Serranos, and Chocolate/Orange Swirl with White PepperThis little guy wasn't shy about his birthday cake!I wish everyone could enjoy cake as much as he did...Peach Right-side-in cake, in progress. This Butter Pecan cake had caramel peach filling baked right in then was frosted with Dolce du Leche. Yum!Someone got a Bob-Bomb Birthday Barbie!
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