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A Chocolate Cake with Chili Raspberry Rhubarb Filling and Fire Fudge Frosting - Welcome Home for an EOD SpecialistA Lemon Cake with Frosted Fruits and RosesChocolate Cinnamon Cake with Chocolate Swiss Buttercream and Espresso White Modeling ChocolateA Wedding Cake - Nontraditional at best, but a lot of fun to make!Lemon Raspberry CakeBecause Lasso of Truth, That's Why!Librapalooza 2013 - Maple Bacon, Peanut Butter S'mores, Raspberry Peach Melba, and Vanilla Chai. Yum!Librapalooza 2013 - If they are works of art, shouldn't they be artistic?Shannon Got A Cupcake Assortment For Her Birthday Just Before 12/20/2012- Mayan Chocopalyps, Asian Orange, and End of Days. See a theme yet?Apparently they were delicious... Five Spice Orange with Candied Ginger, Chipotle Chocolate with Fudge, Bacon, and Candied Jalapenos and Serranos, and Chocolate/Orange Swirl with White PepperThis little guy wasn't shy about his birthday cake!I wish everyone could enjoy cake as much as he did...Peach Right-side-in cake, in progress. This Butter Pecan cake had caramel peach filling baked right in then was frosted with Dolce du Leche. Yum!Someone got a Bob-Bomb Birthday Barbie!
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