Promotional Pricing - opening rate is $25 per hour with package pricing (below) starting at $16.67 per hour. Sign up with us early to lock in special pricing! Pricing is discounted because we are still working out details and evaluating our equipment needs. Pricing WILL go up in early 2015!


Hours/Month:      Rate:
20 $450
40 $800


There is a standard 3 hour session minimum. This may be waived, based upon type of work.

There is a variable deposit that is usually around  $200. This may be waived, based upon type of work.

Helping Hands:
If you need help, whether that be with prep, dish washing, cleaning up, or packaging, we have people available to help you. For a flat rate of $20 per hour, we can provide someone to help you. All of our staff are experienced restauranteurs with a broad base of knowledge and experience.

Collaboration and Partnership:
We encourage all of our tenants to work together to make the most of the community we are building. We will all have to work together to make a schedule function and to ensure that everyone has a good place to work. With this in mind, please note the following policies:
  • Clean up after yourself! we will provide cleaning supplies, so there is no reason not to. There will be a penalty for failure to do so.
  • Observe your time slots! If you arrive late, you may miss out on some of your time if there is someone behind you. If your work runs late, you may impact the person behind you. Budget your time wisely so that we all get in and out on time! Please note that you will be billed from the time you are SCHEDULED, not the time you actually arrive, until the time you are finished.
  • Share space! We will ensure that, during your time slot, you will have exclusinve access to the preparation kitchen. However, the dish area, common areas, and packaging areas will be common areas that are accesible to everyone else sharing the space. We cannot guarantee availability or exclusivity for these areas, so please share and be respectful!
  • Have your licensing and certifications! If you are producing food for resale, you will be required to be health department certified and have business licenses. Our facility will be health department inspected and licensed as both a service kitchen (Category 3 Certification through the State) and as a processing kitchen (through the FDA but administered by the same ADPH that issues the state certifications) but the Health Department may require you to individually certify yourselves and/or have Serve Safe training. We encourage EVERYONE to have the manager's course and may REQUIRE the Food handler's course at a minimum.
  • Follow health code and health department regulations! We will have a printed copy of the rules on hald at all times, so if in doubt please refer to these.
  • Everyone is probationary! If we have problems with tenants that don't use their time slots, leave the place a mess, regularly depart late, or fail to follow health codes, we will consider these things when renewing monthly agreements and scheduling kitchen time.
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Need Commercial Kitchen Space?

We looked for over 3 years for a part time kitchen, with little to no luck. So, we decided that when we started Honeypie that we wanted to help others who were just getting started or who were trying to go legit! We are trying to set up our space in a way that will allow us to foster startups, provide commisary kitchen space to food trucks, provide an affordable option for those just starting out, and provide an overflow kitchen for those working from smaller home-based kitchens.

Start or grow your food business:
- without a long term commitment to a rent/mortgage payment
- without the expense of purchasing expensive commercial equipment
- without having to worry about maintenance on building or equipment
- with a scalable rent payment that is directly tied to your use
- with one payment that includes utilities, storage, a physical mailing address, and Internet
- with a physical location where you can bring clients to for tastings, to sign contracts, or to
  view portfolios
- with an extra set of hand when you need it
- with minimal starting investment - just bring your ingredients and tools and start cooking!

When you don't have to worry about all of these little things, you get to focus on growing your business!

We offer hourly rates and packages to include blocks of time with discounted storage options. Storage is also available for hourly renters for an additional charge.
What We Can
Offer You

Scalable Rental Pricing
based on usage, without a
long term contract, and only one monthly check to write!

Internet Access
Bring your own laptop
or computer!

Commercial Equipment
even more equipment is coming soon!

Dedicated Storage
discounted with purchase
of a package!

Physical Mailing /
Business Address
with a package or storage

Dedicated Packaging Area
unlimited access with every package

All Utilities Included
water, sewage, gas, electrical, garbage disposal, gray water disposal, and grease disposal

Dedicated Meeting Space
meet your clients in a professional environment!

An Extra Set Of Hands
only pay for help when you need it, and without the hassle of setting up payroll!
Got a Food Truck?
Need A Commisary Kitchen?

A storage space with us includes 24 hour access to dish areas, water disposal, and your onw private storage area. Each unit has power, so drop in your cooler and shelves and you're ready to go!
The Holidays Are Almost Here!

Pre-order for your family get together, gifts, or just for yourself!